Széchenyi 2020

Company information


The CASTRUM tourism GmbH has been a company in private ownership from the start.

Our company is a franchise net, coordinating some self-functioning private accommodations consisting of legal persons, which also participates in the investment, management of economic activities, marketing and consulting of the individual units.The CASTRUM Ltd guarantees the physical presence of the members of CASTRUM group at both domestic and international tourism fairs with sophisticated brochures too and it offers the possibility of direct (online) booking on its website.

The CASTRUM group run by the company has been formed from the first private camping in the country, the CASTRUM Camping Keszthely in 1982. Currently Castrum units are also active in Héviz, Lenti, Zalakaros, Nagyatád and Hajdúböszörmény. Also the Wellness Hotel Kakadu in Keszthely has connected to the network.

Campsites satisfy the same requirements from both aesthetic and qualitative point of view. The German ADAC gave each member of the group CASTRUM some award plaques.

All members of the Castrum camping chain are members of the Hungarian Camping Association and they are quality accommodations documented by the trademark of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The campsites have a qualification of four stars, the rest house facilities have one of First Class.

By virtue of our 35-year-old activity we can recommend, that demanding camper-groups consisting of 20-40 caravans, requesting the same quality use the above campsites belonging to CASTRUM group at their tour in Hungary.

Dr. Antal Réfi