CASTRUM Thermalcamp - Nagyatád

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7500 Nagyatád, Zrínyi M. u. 75.
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+36-82-452-136 cim ikon +36-82-452-136
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05.01 - 09.30
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GPS 46° 14,3496' 17° 21,8544'
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logos Magyar Kempingszövetség EFCO SZÉP kártya



01.05 - 31.05.

01.09 - 30.09.

Persons/pers. 2.000 HUF/n. 2.000 HUF/n.
Children/pers. (2-10 y.) 1.400 HUF/n. 1.400 HUF/n.
Pets 1.200 HUF/n. 1.400 HUF/n.
Plots 30-40 m2 2.400 HUF/n. 2.400 HUF/n.
50-60 m2 2.800 HUF/n. 2.800 HUF/n.
70-80 m2 3.500 HUF/n. 3.500 HUF/n.
90-100 m2 4.200 HUF/n. 4.200 HUF/n.
Electricity 1.200 HUF/n. 1.200 HUF/n.
Electricity (Klima) 2.400 HUF/n. 2.400 HUF/n.
Water, filling 500 HUF/n. 500 HUF/n.
Tourism tax/pers.(over 18 y.) 400 HUF/n. 400 HUF/n.


  • waveless swimming pool
  • fun bath
  • thermal bath
  • restaurant
  • grocery
  • ice cream shop
  • playground
  • program organization


One of the nicest four-star thermal campings, opened the door for the guests direct next to the spa. In the wet blocks, which are tiled until ceiling - where the water comes directly from the thermal spring - the shower door are equipped with doors and dressing cabins, but there are personal wash cubicles there too. In the water block there are separated rooms for the handicapped persons. The town has one of the most wonderful thermal spa of Hungary. The multi-acre grassy beach, the grass of which is nicer, than a grass of a golf course was handed over in 2003. In the vicinity the thermal pool – dreamed and built by Imre Makovecz – is still the main attraction.


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The town has one of the most wonderful thermal baths in Hungary. The fun bath is to be found on a more-hectare grassy beach, which is as nice as a golf course. In the neighborhood is the thermal pool designed by Imre Makovecz architect. It is the main attraction. The favourite of the swimmer is the waveless swimming pool; the children aren't bored in the splashing pool.

The guests can buy a preferential ticket to the bath and go over all the time.